Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the beauty of positivethinking

sometimes i feel UGLY. Honestly, I do sometimes feel jealous of gorgeous, pretty beautiful people with awesome outfits.
But then i think again, that is just MY opinion and views towards the word beautiful and ugly? Actually, who am I to be sure of what beautiful and ugly mean, who are beautiful and who are not.

The thing is, everybody is BEAUTIFUL. BEAUTIFUL IS SUBJECTIVE. keep that in mind.

What's the point of lookin smokin hot but yet the heart is stale and dark, right?

The   mind, thoughts, heart, personality show how beautiful you are. Anyone can look beautiful. And I can't even explain how it's indicated, precisely. It'll go back to the fact; different people, different views. It becomes harder when people only judge based on the physical and stereotype. manusia ni sangat rumit, kan? macam ni lah jadi bila semua terlampau pandai, jadi terlampau judgmental.

senang2, just focus on yourself. bring out the best personality and rock it. Semua orang ada taste masing2, give the best, be yourself, FLAUNT WHAT YOU HAVE. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. this goes to me too.

all the best!

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dydy midnite said...

uols, sebab tu la, different people have different taste kan2..hehe